Friday, March 4, 2011

New Video Technology

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know about some new video shooting technology I added to my arsenal a couple of months go, which will prove very useful to those of us in this outdoor communications profession. It is very easy to get overburdened by technology in pursuit if the story in these days of multi media acquisition. The written word must compete with the instantly captured and uploaded form the beach still image, which must in turn compete with the everyone can do it HD video.
Last November I acquired a Nikon D7000, primarily a still camera, with the capability of capturing full 1080p HD video. It's not the first camera of it kind on the market but it is essentially the first from Nikon. It uses all Nikon compatible lenses, either from Nikon or third party manufacturers like Tokina or Sigma. I knew that the quality of its still images would be superb, it is a Nikon after all, but the quality of its video capture was an unknown.
To test its video capabilities I set up and shot this "Snippet" of my wife, Michaela, in the process of designing and making one of her custom baby blankets. I am delighted with the quality of the video captured. I can now use my bag of Nikon lenses to do more than just capture stills. In some respects I can do more with the D7000 and my bag of lenses than I can do with a $7,000 dedicated video camera, macro, super tele, very precise and controlled depth of field etc. The Nikon D7000, like all the other HDSLR cameras in its class, offers adequate but limited audio recording and, due to the nature of it's sensor, it has limitations shooting from a moving vehicle or in fast pan moves. For me though, the cameras capabilities and what it adds to my camera bag far outweigh any of its limitations, most of which can be worked around with a little planning anyway.
With this camera and a couple of basic lenses you can now be a mobile multimedia mogul, ready to cover, capture and broadcast any story.
As time permits I intend to shoot a series of "Snippets" of artisans working their crafts, so far I have plans for a cane fly rod builder, a fly tier, a plug turner and a jeweler.
Hope you enjoy the "Snippet".

Richard Siberry, Photographer

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