Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Skinner's New "FishersLog"

LIOCN member John Skinner has introduced a new fishing log and analysis product. John is an experienced and accomplished angler and professional systems developer. That combination of skills has lead to the creation of a very effective PC and MAC fishing tool. John has taken fishing logs into the 21st century. His new enterprise is "Edge Communications." His recent press release is posted below.


On the Edge Communications releases
Fishing Log Software for Windows and Mac

Wading River, NY (March 29, 2010)- On the Edge Communications announced today the release of FishersLog™, a fishing trip logging and analysis program.
FishersLog is a professionally engineered fishing log program designed to make it very convenient for an angler to create and maintain an accurate log of fishing experiences. The program’s intuitive interface allows anglers to quickly and easily record data such as weather and water conditions, locations, species caught, and fishing techniques. The software will automatically generate sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and moon phase data for each trip, eliminating the need for the angler to look up and record this important information. . Pictures can be associated with trips. Convenient graphical analysis tools allow the angler to spot fishing trends and visualize their fishing experiences in ways not possible with more simplistic methods of recording trips.

John Skinner, a New York-based fishing writer, author, and lecturer, developed FishersLog with a well-earned reputation as a consistent producer of trophy striped bass from Long Island waters. Skinner credits his methodical record keeping and examination of those records as part of the formula for consistent fishing success. John Skinner has over 20 years of software development experience working for a government research laboratory and a major aerospace company.

“How an angler organizes and processes fishing data often makes the difference between consistent success and occasional luck,” said Skinner. “FishersLog helps anglers record and examine data more effectively and efficiently, while providing valuable insights that can often translate into better fishing decisions.”

Trip reports can be exported to HTML for display in a web browser, exported to a text editor, or be generated in printer friendly format.

FishersLog runs on Windows and Intel-based Mac OS X versions 10.5 or higher. It can be downloaded for a free 7-day evaluation period and purchased online for $19.95 at

Monday, March 1, 2010

Youth Writing Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony for the Youth Fishing Essay Contest was held on Saturday February 27 at the Suffolk County Boat and Sportfishing Show. The event was well attended with all winners and their families in attendance. We also had a terrific show of support from The Fisherman magazine and LIOCN to help out with the event. Fred Golofaro, Doc Muller, Mike Caruso, Bob Banfelder, Donna Derasmo, Tim Smith, Jerry Collins (Captain Kayak) and yours truly, AP, were in attendance. The certificates and prizes were awared in the lecture hall of the college but we took the awarding of the grand prize out onto the floor of the show. That proved to be a real attention getter and it was an enjoyable and fun experience for all.
By all meaures, the contest was a success. We granted fifteen 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes and five special recognition awards that included the Grand Prize. Special thanks go to Captain Kayak and The Fisherman for obtaining the Hobie Kayak and to Chris Paparo and Atlantis Marine World for three very special awards. Thanks also go out to a number of LICON members for their gracious contributions: William Doc Muller; Kevin Falvey; Zeno Hromin; Nick Karas; John Skinner; Tom Melton;Tim Smith; Al Lorenzetti and AP. Other awards were donated by Albright Tackle, Shimano, Daiwa, Zebco/Quantum, Matzuo/South Bend, Pure Fishing, J&H Super Outlet, George Povermo, Larry Czonka and Roland Martin.
And thanks again to all the judges: Doc Muller; Fred Golofaro; Joel Lucks; Bob Banfelder; Donna Derasmo and AP.