Thursday, August 26, 2010

Member Update: Fred Golofaro

LIOCN member, celebrated angler and senior editor of The Fisherman Magazine, Fred Golofaro, to host the country’s largest ‘surf only’ fishing show and workshop. Please see information release posted below. See you there. Thanks...AP


The Fisherman Magazine’s Annual Surf Fishing Show Workshop is slated for Thursday night, September 16, at the Huntington Hilton (quarter mile south of the LIE on Route 110). This show grows larger every year, and this year is no exception. More than 50 surf fishing related tackle manufacturers will be represented, and also displaying their wares and offering special deals on surf gear will be many of the best tackle shops and tackle vendors from the Long Island, Metro area. Attendees are assured of going home with plenty ofgoodies in the form of lures, line and terminal tackle, as every attendee will receive a goody bag, along with a free chance to win a raffle featuring great surf fishing related prizes, including rods, reels and surf fishing accessoriesfrom manufacturers like Lamiglas, St. Croix, Shimano,Okuma, Penn, Shakespeare, Daiwa, Van Staal, AquaSkinz,Tsunami and many others. A continuous schedule of seminars feature an impressive array of the region’s best surf fishermen, among them, “Crazy Alberto” Knie, Bill “Doc”Muller, Fred Golofaro, John Paduano, surf guide Bill Wetzel and Eric “The Treeman” Ernst, among others. You’ll also be able to pick the brains of veteran casters from LIBBA and the Montauk Surfcasters Association, who will be there signing up new members and renewing current members. If you’re into surf fishing, or looking to join the ranks of the surf fishing fraternity, you won’t want to miss this show. It will be a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite lures and rigs, and any accessories you’ll need to get you through the fall action. Show doors open at 6 p.m.
Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors and children 16 and under.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Member Update: Alberto Knie

LIOCN member and renowned fishing expert, Alberto Knie, has embarked upon a new and exciting journey. True to his “non-stop-fishing” approach to recreational angling Alberto has created a cutting edge line of innovative fishing products and gear. Information about his new venture is contained in the following press release.

For Immediate Release

Tactical Anglers

Tactical Anglers, Inc. is a small but savvy company comprised of die-hard fishermen. We are also innovative product designers with a mission to create strategic fishing products for demanding anglers worldwide. Our vision is to be the dominating partner to fishing retailers, serving a diverse range of angling needs. The core of our company is “all about the fishing.” Our products are innovative, proven, and tested with the best available materials and made available at reasonable price to the consumer.

We are constantly thinking of new product creations and improving on faulty products to fill the market voids. The Tactical Anglers provides sport anglers with unsurpassed quality tools to help catch his or her dream fish.

The Tactical Anglers “Fast Clips” are our first product launch and they will immediately be followed with “Smart Lures,” apparel, reliable terminal tackle, and other indispensible products.

Like our mission statement, our objective is to “exceed your expectations!”

Tactical Anglers Fast Clips are made from a thick single stainless-steel wire to provide maximum strength and dependability. Unlike other brands, our clips are thicker, wider, and have a slip-proof design (patent pending). There are three available sizes (50lbs, 125lbs, and 175 lbs.).

Tactical Anglers SMART LURES are monster fish producers!

· Large Recessed Diamond Eyes - maximum lifelike reflections
· Vibrating Exterior System - patent pending gill plates to disperse vibration
· Heavy 3 Part Paint / Gloss - maximum shine
· Thick Plastic Body Mold - consistency & durability
· Strong Steel Thru-Wired - maximum strength
· Internal Weight Distribution - maximum casting distance
· Internal Rattling Chambers - added fish attracting noise

3 oz. - Darts, swims, rattles, and ungulates

2 oz. - Tantalizing, and seductive dancing movement – rattles and ungulates

Loudest popper on the market – for the meanest and toughest critters

Available in six fish catching colors:
· Olive & Turquoise
· Black & Purple
· Olive & Pink
· Chartreuse & White
· Menhaden
· Gold & Yellow

For further information contact: or 631.291.6223

Tactical Anglers, Inc.
656 N. Wellwood Ave – Suite C 105
Lindenhurst, N.Y. 1175

Monday, August 23, 2010

Member Update: Angelo Peluso

LIOCN member Angelo Peluso is pleased to announce that effective with the August 18th issue he will once again be writing the bi-weekly “Fishing and Outdoors” column for the Times Beacon Record family of Long Island newspapers. Angelo’s column is a general outdoors and fishing column that will appear in both the print and digital versions of the newspapers. The column will run in all editions: The Village Beacon Record; The Port Times Record; The Village Times Herald; The Times of Middle Country; The Times of Smithtown; The Times of Northport; and The Times of Huntington. The column can be read online at by visiting

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Member Update: William Doc Muller

Hello all,
I am pleased and honored to announce that one our very own, William Doc Muller, has enjoyed yet another significant publishing event . Doc’s latest novel, Vanishing Cures, is hot off the press and available as a great summer read. I’ve already begun enjoying Doc’s words and plot. The novel received an Editor’s Choice Award. As many of you know Doc is a talented and prolific writer. He has published eight non-fiction books, thousands of magazine articles, short stories and an earlier novel, Plague of Terror. Doc holds a PhD in biology and is a professor emeritus from New York Institute of Technology. And on top of all that, he is a legendary surf fisherman! Contained below is the press release for Vanishing Cures. Congratulations Doc.

Press Release-New Book
Vanishing Cures
A novel by William A. Muller
An Editor’s Choice Selection

“Vanishing Cures is a great adventure, complete with strong, engaging characters; and intense, well-paced plot line, and a terrific depiction of good versus evil.”

“Organic-sounding dialogue.”

“Action-adventure enthusiasts will love the characters and the series.”

Vanishing Cures was inspired by a CBS 60 Minutes episode about Asian drug cartels selling imitations of life-saving drugs and vaccines putting millions of unsuspecting lives are at risk. Ex Navy SEALs Severin and Krueger along with an NYPD detective and the FBI who previously forged an alliance to stop a terrorist plot to disseminate deadly smallpox, now join an international sting spearheaded by the FBI, MI6, and Interpol to break the back of one cartel. Severin becomes addicted to the adrenaline rush, but his biggest challenges may found in his personal and professional relationships. Thwarted by corruption, snafus among international agencies, and a savvy opponent, the sting is threatened; Severin and Krueger are targeted as they pursue the criminals from the U.S. to Europe and back. Only time will tell if they’ll be victorious over the evil that looms.

For more information about the book you can log on to or Barnes & Simply type ineither the title of the book or the author’s complete name as it appears above.