Thursday, January 28, 2010

2009 Youth Fishing Essay Contest

For Immediate Release

The Fisherman magazine and the Long Island Outdoor Communicators Network announce winners of the 2009 Youth Fishing Essay Contest. According to contest coordinator, Angelo Peluso, “We received more than two-hundred outstanding entries, making judging a pleasant, challenging and rewarding task. After thorough review by the panel of judges, awards were conferred on the top fifteen essays. Forty-four certificates of achievement were also granted. Prizes for all winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place essays in each age category will be awarded on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM at the Suffolk County Boat and Sportfishing Show, Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, NY.

Award recipients were as follows: High School (Grades 10-12): 1st Place, Ben McCarron - “A Bite Under The Light”; 2nd Place, Megan Whitehurst - “Fishing With My Father”; 3rd Place, Bobby Wood - “More Than Just Fishing”.

Junior Category (Grades 7-9): 1st Place, Anna Rose Petinos - “What Fishing Means to Me”; 2nd Place, Leslie Toohey - “A Fish Tail”; 3rd Place, Tristan Whitehouse - “What Fishing Means to Me”.

Elementary Category (Grade 6): 1st Place, Elizabeth Salzman - “My Favorite Fishing Memory”; 2nd Place, Emma Franza - “My Favorite Fishing Story”; 3rd Place, Anthony Caligure - “My Greatest Fishing Story”.

Elementary Category (Grades 4-5): 1st Place, Summer Kester - “My First Striped Bass”;
2nd Place, Steve Eastwood - “Fishing in Lake Erie”; 3rd Place, Jack Broomer - “My Favorite Fishing Story”.

Elementary (Grades 1-3); 1st Place, John Salerno - “What Fishing Means to Me”;
2nd Place, Grace Hayes - “My Favorite Fishing Story”; 3rd Place, Abby Heffernan - “My First Fish”.

Grand Prize/Hobie Kayak: Winner will be announced on Saturday, January 30th at the New York Sportsman’s Expo at the Nassau Coliseum. Winner will be announced from among the 1st place essays in each category.

Certificates of Achievement are awarded for honorable mention to the following contest participants: Andrea Churchill, Karen Borst, Tiyana Coleman, Patrick Straus, Sodasia Thompson, Alex Kinn, Zach Petruzzi, Tyler Quaresimo, Karl Nilsen, Donald Bangs Jr., Christine Widera, Matthew Gino, William Carney, Daniel Smith, Anthony Capellupo, Kristen Pisani, Giavanna Bergano, Chelsea Lombardo, Antonio Leone, Annie Shelley, Sabrina Esposito, Anthony Arrigo, Rachel Barbato, Hunter Cairo, Chandler Sciara, Victoria Tran, Ryan Lange, Brianna Scarda, Melanie Regan, Grace MacGibbon, Matthew Heffernan, Sean Gurl, Jack Calla, Ryan Murphy, Patrick Mangels, TJ Walker, Emma Doxsee, Angelina Scocozza, Augusto Rodriguez, Joseph Dahlinger, Francis Whitehouse IV, Allison Russo, Karleigh Moran.

We would like to thank all award donors for their kind contributions: Albright Tackle, Shimano, Daiwa, Zebco/Quantum, Matzuo/South Bend, Pure Fishing, Hobie, Captain Kayak, J&H Super Outlet, George Poveromo, Roland Martin, Larry Czonka, LIOCN Members: William Doc Muller, Nick Karas, Tom Schlichter, Tom Melton, Alberto Knie, Kevin Falvey, Angelo Peluso, Gary Joyce, Chis Paparo and Atlantis Marine World.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

LIOCN Group Created on

I had a few minutes this morning so I created a LIOCN group on For those of you who may not be familiar with LinkedIn, it was first created as a 'face-book'- type site for adults. Facebook originally started as a teeny-bopper, HS and college social site. But LinkedIn has always attracted professionals from all walks of life. Since I have been a member I have enjoyed feedback that has lead to article assignments and other engagements, and I know plenty of folks who've landed jobs from the networking. I am not sure how many of you are on LinkeIn but for those of you who are it is a simple process to join the group. For those who aren't, I've sent an official invite email so simply create a brief profile and you're in. Based on my experience this is one of the best professional networking sites on the web. I've also coded our group so that anyone who wants to join needs to be pre-approved. Stay well...AP