Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcome new member

Hello All,
Please join me in welcoming Chris Paparo to LIOCN as our newest member. Chris is a marine biologist at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, a photographer, and outdoors writer. Chris has had his work in The Fisherman, Aquarium Hobby Magazine and is working on several other pieces, including one on his newest hobby, falconry.You can see some of Chris's work at

Thanks go out to Bob Banfelder and Donna Derasmo for introducing Chris to the group. AP

Friday, November 20, 2009

Artwork of Alberto Knie

Known to many around the fishing world as "Crazy Al"for his angling tenacity and big fish-catching prowess, Alberto Knie is a very talented artist, photographer and creative outdoor communicator. For those of you who may have not seen his work here is a small peak into Al's world of art and photography. further information you can contact Alberto at
Direct: 631-291-6223

Annual LIOCN Dinner

We are looking at another dinner gathering for this coming February. Last year's event was well attended and we have interest from some others to join with us this year. If you have any other folks in mind who might be good additions to the group just let me know. I will follow up this posting with a direct email. AP

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Member

Please join me in welcoming Kevin Falvey as the newest member of LIOCN. Kevin is an outdoors writer who grew up fishing Long Island’s waters from Throg’s Neck to Montauk. He is a long-time contributor to
The Fisherman magazine and is senior technical editor at BOATING magazine. It is great having Kevin onboard.
Kevin's comprehensive "Guide to Fishing Long Island" covers winter and summer flounder, striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, blackfish, black sea bass, porgy, and other species. The book also includes a comprehensive knot-tying guide with custom illustrations. Kevin takes the book even further: he not only will you where and when to hook into a cow striper, he’ll also tell you why the fish will bite in that specific spot at that specific stage of the tide on that specific lure.
For further information about this book please visit

Saturday, November 14, 2009

LIOCN Member Books

You will always learn from the writings of Doc Muller. His words will help you cach fish. He is one of the best of what Long Island has to offer.
You can purchase "Fishing With Bucktails" at most retailers and online.

LIOCN Member Books

This second offering from Zeno is a compilation of strategies from some of the Striper Coast's best surf anglers. It is a must read if fishing big bass in the suds is you cup of tea. For further information visit

LIOCN Member Books

Bob Banfelder
If you like psycho-thrillers then this two-volume hair raiser is a must read. Noted outdoor writer and novelist, Bob Bandelder has written a spell-binding winner with "The Author." This title is the prequel to "The Teacher." Check out all Bob's work at

LICON Member Books

This title is the first comprehensive guide to freshwater and saltwater fly-fishing on Long Island. East...west...north...south - all you need to know. Check out the book at

LIOCN Member Books

This is another timeless classic from Nick. It is one of the most thorough volumes about the gamefish that defines the east coast, "The Striped Bass." Like Nick's "Brook Trout" this is a comprehensive work that will make any reader a better angler. The book is available at most retailers and online.

LIOCN Member Books

Bob Banfelder
In a departure from his excellent outdoor writing Bob written a masterfully woven psychological thriller. This is one of three titles that will keep you up at night...reading and scared silly. You can check out all Bob's work at

LIOCN Member Books

The author shares his extensive experiences in "Fishing the Long Island Coast." This is a great guidebook for anyone looking to explore the varied fishing opportunities around Long Island.

LIOCN Member Books

This delightful children's tale was inpired by the author's many fly fishing trips to wilderness regions of Alaska. For more information about the book visit

LIOCN Member Books

"Brook Trout" has been billed as the definitive "bible" of brook trout. This volume is already a contemporary classic, the finest and most comprehensvie book about one of America's favorite trout. The book is available at many retailers and on-line book sellers.

LIOCN Member Books

No doubt this is one of the best surf fishing books to come along in a while. A great, well-written reflection on an entire season spent fishing the surf, John Skinner's, A Season on the Edge"is destined to become a classic read. Look for John's book at most retailers or Google for on-line sales.

LIOCN Member Books

Here's Zeno Hromin's very popular surfishing title, "The Art of Surfcasting with Lures." You can check out Zeno's work at his website, and his new blog space at

LIOCN Member Books

"Saltwater Flies of the Northeast is a book by LIOCN member Angelo Peluso. You can find out more about the book and his other work at and at his blog locations:;

LIOCN Member Books

The next few posts will highlight books authored by members of the LIOCN. This is the first such posting and features a book by Tom Schlichter, "Long Island's Best Freshwater Fishing." For more information about the boko and where to obtain it please visit Tom's website at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Youth Essay Contest Ends

Final entries for the 2009 youth essay contest sponsored by The Fisherman Magazine and the Long Island Outdoor Communicators Network were received by the extended 10/31/09 deadline. The contest submission period has now ended. Entries will be judged within the next month and winners announced in December. All winners will be notified. The response was outstanding and we thank all those students and schools that participated. And a special thanks goes out to those members who volunteered to judge the entries. We should have all the entries judged by the end of November, winners announced in December and the awards ceremony in January at one of the major shows, most likely the Nassau Coliseum Outdoor Expo. We are still soliciting prizes and have a few interested manufacturers. All winners will be announced first in The Fisherman. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

LIOCN Member Happenings

Since we last met for dinner over the winter a lot of water has flowed past us all…many moons and many tides. It’s almost time for another dinner. Our network members have been busy with old projects, new projects and some exciting opportunities. Here is run-down of what some of the folks have been up to. My apologies if some accomplishments have been inadvertently omitted. If there is something you’d like to share just send it along or post as a comment to this blog.

Zeno Hromin now has two books on the market: The Hunt for Big Stripers and The Art of Surfcasting with Lures. Zeno also bagged two 1st place photography awards in the NYSOWA’s annual Janice Kessler Photography Contest. Zeno is also hard at work on a new surf fishing blog and a digital magazine. You can check out his work at

The venerable and prolific Nick Karas had a new book released literally right after the last dinner, “Sight Fishing the Flats and Beyond.” This book is the latest in a long line of Nick’s great titles like the classics, The Complete Book of the Striped Bass, and Brook Trout.

As you all may know by now Tom Schlichter took over the reigns of the outdoor column at Newsday and is going strong. Tom also recently netted a 1st place and 2nd place award in the 2009 NYOWA’s Excellence in Craft contest. You can touch base with Tom through his website at

Morgan Lyle continues with his very informative fly fishing column for the New York Outdoor News.

John Skinner’s recent surf fishing book, “A Season on the Edge,” is a great read and has received terrific reviews.

Joel Lucks was named President of the NYSOWA in 2009. Joel also has also been enjoying a number of great gigs with his photography business, Full Spectrum Photography. Joel has done some terrific work for both ESPN Magazine and Nat Geo. You can check out his work and offerings at

Doc Muller has finalized edits with a new novel, Vanishing Cure. He has also authored several other great fishing and fiction titles.

Tony Salerno netted 2nd place recognition in the NYSOWA’s 2009 Excellence in Craft contest for one of his Fisherman articles.

Vito De Vito was tapped for a few original artworks for national conservation organizations. He is one of a few artists repeatedly used by DU and Redbone. You can see his work at

Richard Siberry finished the first cut of the “Montauk Rocks” video and is getting high marks for the video. Check out all of Richard’s work at

Fred Golofaro has been busy fishing, playing with his new puppy, rooting for the Yankees and keeping the Long Island Fisherman on top of the regional fishing magazine charts.

Alberto Knie has been hard at work…fishing! So what else is new? Actually he is working on a few new outdoor-related ventures so stay tuned. And he turned out a great logo for us.

Jim Hutchinson is hard at work as the new Executive Director of RFA championing the rights of recreational anglers. By all accounts he is doing a terrific job.

Bob Banfelder continues to build a strong outdoor following with the publication of diverse fishing and outdoor articles and continues to scare the bejeezus out of readers with his psycho-thrillers: the Teacher and The Author. Great reads on a full moon night!

Tim Smith has been producing some great videos for The Fisherman magazine that will hit the airwaves this coming spring.

Angelo Peluso has a new title coming out in 2010, Saltwater Flies of the Southeast and Gulf Coast and is at work on several other book projects. He also hooked a few writing and photography awards from the NYSOWA, AGLOW and The Alaska Fly Fishers.

That’s all for now folks.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank You Alberto

Thanks go out to Alberto Knie for graciously taking the time to provide our group with a logo. After several design modifications this is the one that passed muster.

Youth Essay Writing Contest

2009 Youth Writing Contest

The Long Island Outdoor Communicators Network and The Fisherman Magazine proudly announce the 2009 Youth Essay Writing Contest. The goal of the contest is to encourage essay writing as a means to introduce children and young adults to the core values, benefits, traditions and enjoyment of fishing and other outdoors activities, and to perpetuate and enhance fundamental writing skills among the current and next generation of Long Island’s youth.

If you have students in your school who enjoy fishing, the outdoors and writing, this contest presents a very special opportunity for them. By combining their interests in writing and the outdoors, they are able to take a chance on winning one of a number of exciting prizes, and possibly see their work published in The Fisherman Magazine.

The contest is open to all Long Island school age children enrolled in grades 1 through 12 for the 2009 calendar year.

There are four eligibility categories: Elementary Category A (Grades 1 through 3); Elementary Category B (Grades 4 and 5); Elementary Category C (Grade 6); Junior Category (Grades 7 though 9); Senior Category (Grades 10 through 12).

The contest themes are: My Favorite Fishing Story; What Fishing Means to Me;
How My Generation Can Help Conserve the World’s Fish Populations.

A distinguished panel of judges has been assembled to evaluate all entries and is comprised of educators, editors and award winning writers and book authors.

The LIOCN is a network of Long Island outdoors journalists, book authors, photographers, lecturers and videographers. The Fisherman Magazine is the flagship publication of the Long Island based, L.I.F. Publishing Corporation, one of the oldest and most respected regional magazine publishers in the United States.